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Interchurch Families in Montreal


One Lord, one faith,

one baptism.

Ephesians 4:5

What is Ecumenism?

The word 'ecumenism' comes from the Greek oikoumene, a biblical word refering to God's whole created order. Ecumenism is the commitment to the search for the fullness and unity God intended for creation. The spirit of ecumenism calls us beyond simple co-operation among different denominations. It calls us to recognize what we believe in common and to celebrate that common faith, as well as to recognize our differences and to work to overcome obstacles to a united witness to Jesus Christ.

What is an Interchurch Family?

An interchurch family is a family where the husband and wife come from two different Christian traditions and both desire to remain active in their respective churches. As a couple they live the unity of their marriage while participating in two separated Christian churches.

Why have an Association?

Many of us enter into 'mixed' marriages believing that one tradition must dominate the other. We are a living witness that this need not be the case.

The Association's primary purpose is the support of interchurch families. It encourages couples to strengthen their own unity while maintaining an active role in two churches. It also attempts to help strengthen the Christian commitment of couples where one member's attachment to their church has become nominal.

Our association is a small group based primarily on the West Island of Montreal that meets approximately once every two months. At the International Conference in Virginia July 1996 representatives of various groups like ours in Canada decided to form a Canadian Association. National associations of interchurch families are well established in the United States, England and France, Scotland and Ireland.

What do we do?

Our activities can be broken up into five major categories:


Study and understanding of issues that are relevant to ecumenism. Education of children and the extended family. Traditions of different churches, formal and practiced. Local, national and world events that are of an ecumenical nature.


Being sensitive to our differences. To be there for each other. Share our experiences so we can grow together.


Joint worship and celebration. Sharing our faiths. Prayer, meditation and Bible study.


Reach out to others through presentations to church congregations. Sharing experiences through marriage preparation courses.


Gathering together for shared meals and recreation. The whole family is welcomed at our meetings; child care is provided.

What can we do for you?

If you are married or engaged to someone from another Christian faith than your own, then we would like to help you to enjoy the rich blessings of living an ecumenical relationship.

If you are involved in marriage preparation then we would like to share our experience where interchurch couples are involved.

If you have any concerns over interchurch relationships within marriage, we can help. Contact any of the numbers listed below.

Where can you get more information?

Please feel free to contact us:

Michèle & Craig Buchanan
(514) 697-4057

Nous parlons Français.


Other ecumenical organizations:

The Canadian Centre for Ecumenism Centre Canadien d'Écuménism
2065 Sherbrooke St W.
Montreal, Quebec H3H 1G6
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40 St. Clair Avenue East
Toronto, Ontario M4T 1M9

The American Association of Interchurch Families (AAIF)

Other Associations:

Around the World

Address correspondence to:

Association of Interchurch Families in Montreal
123 Arrowhead Cr.
Pointe Claire, Que. H9R 3V4
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