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Points made by Bishop Weisgerber,
Interchurch meeting Nov. 17 1997

  • He feels the pain we are going through e.g.( not able to bless the bread with the Orthodox Monks) & (St. Johns Anglican). His may be more high profile and not as often but ours is on a weekly basis.
  • We are enriching our lives by being an Interchurch family
  • We are small but represent a much larger group
  • Keep talking, the squeaky wheel gets the grease
  • Speak directly to a priest if something is 'out of line' e.g. a priest can be present at anothers tradition church for a wedding
  • Will get Interchurch families on the agenda at the priest study days
  • Use a WELL informed conscience
  • He did not insist or dwell on the Sunday obligation as he did the first meeting. He now realizes we worship as a family attending both churches but on alternate Sundays.
  • We all went away with a good feeling (he spent two hours with us)

We opened with our prayer. We then went around the table telling briefly our stories, what tradition we were from etc. Our objectives we read again. Ray & Fenells's letter was read and the Bishop was given a copy. He was also told of another couple here in Saskatoon fed up with the hassle and are now attending only the Lutheran Church.

Anthony our youngest was at the latter part of the meeting. Right at the end of the meeting he said "Can I say something? The different traditions are like a full box of chocolates, if one is missing it is not full and not complete."

Submitted by Bernie and Shirley Karstad, Saskatoon

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