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Why is Laudato Si' and the issue of climate change finding its way onto the website?  That's a good question, and one that calls for some exploration.

There are several reasons for it.  One is that the skills developed in interchurch famlies and the churches that welcome them, e.g. the capacity to explore values behind words rather than only the words, and the capacity to listen to and learn from those values, are skills that are very much needed as we move forward toward and in ecological conversion.  In short, the skills such families have developed can be seen as a God-given gift in the process of ecological conversion.

Another is that, as the Catholic Bishops of the Philippines said in 1988, in their pastoral letter "What is Happening to Our Beautiful Home?", the issue of climate change, and its impact on the entire ecosphere, is rapidly becoming "the ultimate pro-life issue".  It is, in a sense, greater than the challenges facing the Church where interchurch families are concerned, and the challenges interchurch families face within their churches.  As such, it warrants a certain primacy over even these issues.

Finally, I as site administrator believe more and more that unless we can bring together the science of climate change, and the skills needed to enter truly into ecological conversion, we will never arrive at the political will to make the changes needed in that conversion.  The life forms on this planet will then have little chance of mass survival.  There will always be small groups which will survive, to be sure, if only because, with the relatively small numbers that will remain, the earth will once again be able to cope with our looting and pillaging ways.

I have therefore established this small section, dedicated to Laudato Si' and the work of ecological conversion movements (of which climate change is a key part), so that together this ecosphere, with us as part of it, may have a chance to survive.

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