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3rd Conference on 
Receptive Ecumenism in International Perspective: Contextual Ecclesial Learning
held at Fairfield, CT, USA, June 9-12, 2014

Two panels of Interchurch Family speakers were organized. The following papers were presented by those speakers:

Reports and Reviews:


Daily Word  

"Meeting one another has been so important. In the early days we were a small group huddled together for mutual support. Many of us had felt isolated. Parish priests said: ‘I’ve never met a couple like you before’. We seemed to be so unusual in being two practising Christians who wanted to conserve our links as a couple with both the churches that had nurtured us. It was a great relief to find there were others like us!" from A Short history of the Association of Interchurch Families by Ruth Reardon, "Issues and Reflections" #7, October 2007


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