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This linked article was published in the April 2006 issue of Issues and Reflections.

"I have come to know the joy of Christ’s promise in the music of song, a communion of many and varied voices. As I listen and sing, I am inspired beyond mere knowing that we are one body, one family of brothers and sisters—Catholic and Mennonite and beyond. How can I keep from singing? How can we keep from singing?" from "A Mennonite Catholic Marriage" by Tom and Pat Crotty, Issues and Reflections, April 2006

"Those who enter mixed marriages carry ‘the sting of the incompleteness of the communio’ more than any other group in our Churches and, while a perfect solution is unattainable short of complete communion between the Churches, the wider Church communities have an important role to play in supporting such couples and their families." from MIXED MARRIAGES: CONVERSATIONS IN THEOLOGY, ECUMENISM, CANON LAW AND PASTORAL PRACTICE by Most Rev John McAreavey, Bishop of Dromore, 2004

This article was published in the April 2006 issue of Issues and Reflections.

"[W]e realised as we worked together that something else had happened. We were in love. It was a terrible shock. We were dismayed. ... The situation seemed impossible. Yet we had the sense that we deeply wanted to throw in our lot with one another and spend the whole of our lives together. We also wanted this gift somehow to be fruitful for the coming together of our Churches." from "That They May be One: An Interchurch Marriage" by Ruth Reardon, Issues and Reflections #6, April 2007