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This article was published in the January 1994 issue of The Journal.


Interchurch and mixed couples would be helped by seeing the churches working together in marriage preparation and support. 

If the churches could come together for marriage, they would both be supporting Interchurch families and fulfilling a mission which is of great urgency today. This is the conclusion which the Group for Local Unity of Churches Together in England reached in its report which is due to be published in 1994, the International Year of the Family. 

Starting from the other end, beginning not from a concern for Christian unity but for the survival of marriage, a similar plea for the churches to get together for marriage preparation and support has recently been made in the United States (see Marriage Savers, by Michael McManus, Zondervan, 1993). In some parts of the United States local churches have covenanted together in a Community Marriage Policy, agreeing on minimum standards for the preparation and support of marriages celebrated in church ­ any church in the area. They have drawn on the best experience right across the denominations, and agreed to use it together, in a common policy.