A few years ago, when she was 17, Mary and lan's daughter Jenny gave a talk to the Antioch Group in their local Catholic parish. In it, she said: Last year I was really into Ecumenism - that is, the bringing Uniting Church and so on, and Catholics. It is ridiculous that we all disagree on things that in God's eyes are totally insignificant. For example, did you know that one of the major reasons for the schism of the eleventh century which created the Orthodox Church was that the authorities could not agree together of all the different Christians: Anglicans, Baptists, upon a formula to work out the date of Easter each year? I am not saying that this is stupid exactly - the celebration of Easter is the most important on our calendar, so it is fair enough to worry about whether we are doing it properly and everything. People in those days - some at least felt so strongly about it that they were willing to die for their beliefs. But we should try to put everything into perspective, and I am getting into very deep water here, so I will just get on with what I was going to say.

We are one Body - Christ is the Peace between us.

As most of you know, my mother is not a Catholic, and I did not go to a Catholic school but to a Uniting Church one. These two things put together mean that I have had a lot of exposure to other denominations. I had to go to "chapel" every week at school, and fairly often went to other church services, especially Anglican, but actually practically every sort. Sometimes I take Communion and sometimes I don't. Anyway, last year Mum and Dad went to see the Archbishop about this matter, and he gave them permission to go to each other's churches and take Communion there.

This leads me up to what I was originally going to say, that at the end of last year we had a Communion service at school to say goodbye to the Year 12s, and I went and participated. This was the first time I had done such a thing without my family - I mean that it was my own decision - and I feel that it was my way of making a statement about the Unity of the Body of Christ, and I felt a peace that is very rare.

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