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This article was published in the January 1996 issue of The Journal.

Anglo-French Collaboration

The office happens to be next to the Eurostar terminal at Waterloo station, just three hours from Paris. Three representatives of AIF England - one a youth representative took the train to Paris on 4 November for the first meeting of all foyers mixtes francophones, held at Versailles.

The theme: Nous, foyers mixtes, ferments d'unite pour les eglises, was chosen to link up with that of the "foyers mixtes anglophones" at Virginia in July 1996: Interchurch Families: Catalysts for Church Unity.

It is clear that although interchurch families worldwide live in very different situations, they have a common task, a double task: to get the progress which has been made in the pastoral care of interchurch families over the past thirty years written more firmly into the structures and disciplines of the churches; and - still more important - to get the churches to recognise the fact of "double belonging" and to tackle together the ecclesiological questions which it raises. We can start by setting ourselves concrete objectives in the timespan of the next four years leading up to the millennium. One landmark will be the international gathering proposed for the summer of 1998, when it is hoped that English-speaking and French-speaking interchurch families will meet together in France, with the two languages given equal consideration.