Affirmation - Could you take the plunge?

My Affirmation Day was the result of a very informative Confirmation weekend and knowing myself that I wanted to commit myself further to the Church and God. My first step was to talk to my Catholic parish priest, who is very helpful but only when you can get hold of him to talk for a reasonable amount of time! I told him my situation about wanting to make a formal commitment, but how this would be very difficult in a confirmation setting with a Bishop. He came up with the idea of having a special service with the bits I wanted to include and that it should be held in my village church where I live, which is Anglican. I thought and prayed about this idea a lot and decided that it was what I wanted. I then proceeded to tell my other vicar about these ideas and he thought it was a fantastic idea and told me about some teenagers from his old parish, who went 'on strike' because they wanted to be confirmed with their Methodist friends! After this talk I was very excited and happy and began to plan, with the help of an AIF Confirmation Pack, an Affirmation book also from the AIF Office, the new Anglican book of Common Worship and a Mission Praise hymn book.

It took me a while to reach the final draft of my service but when I did I was able to show it to my two priests who divided it up between them. On March 18th I was affirmed in St Wystan's Church with both my church communities, AIF friends and friends from school around me. In the service I was able to renew

my baptismal promises, affirm my faith in God and start my adult life in the Church. What made it extra special was the fact that musicians from both my churches combined together to form a joint music group and that Beverley Hollins and was able to come and take part. One of my friends from school, who had entered the Young Catholic Composer of the Year competition and achieved second place, also contributed the hymn she had written. It was an amazing day and I was so grateful to everyone that took part and prayed for me. It certainly worked! Thank you everyone in AIF for your support, because without you I would have never had the courage to take the step I did.

Laura Finch

A letter from Joanna Hollins to her mum, Bev.
Joanna has decided to delay her first communion until Kathryn is old enough to make her first communion with her.

Dear Mum,
I like being two churches. It is fun learning about God. When I don't have bread and wine I think "I don't mind" because I have a blessing instead. Last of all, I like the songs.

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