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This page is hosted on the website of the Interchurch Families International Network.  This hosting is offered because Ray Temmerman, site administrator, and his wife Fenella, believe that climate change is rapidly becoming THE pro-life issue of our time, a situatio so grave that if we do not take action, we will see tremendous devastation of the earth and hence of the people who populate the land.

Laudato Si, the 2015 encyclical by Pope Francis, is one of many efforts not only to call this matter to the attention of the people of this world, but to encourage people to think about the part they can play in response, and to energize them to take action, for the common good.

Below you will find resources which you can use yourself and share with others, to learn about what the Catholic Church is saying on the matter, and to help draw people's attention and action to it.  Please feel free to pass on the link for this page, and to apply the resources found here.


Laudato Si, a papal encyclical by Pope Francis

Introduction to Laudata Si, by Jacqui Remond

Additional resources:

And now, for something related, if different:



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