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Here is a brief message on recent "francophone" activities together with greetings to the Conference from the French speaking and the PREPROMA group.


PREPROMA is the name chosen for the Rome 2003 preparation committee made up of eight English speakers, eight French speakers and four Italian and German speakers each, including several theological advisers. The theme chosen for Rome 2003 is: "United in baptism and marriage - Interchurch families - called to a common life in the Church for the reconciliation of our Churches". Date and place envisaged: July 24 to 28, 2003 in Rocca di Papa, in the hills outside Rome, close to the Pope’s summer residence.

The Reardons, Laubers and Melanie Finch attended the first PREPROMA meeting held at the beginning of July in the north of Italy.

A letter of invitation to the 2nd World Gathering has been sent to Cardinal Kasper.  A note is also being distributed, which has been drafted by Fr. René Beaupère and amended and endorsed by PREPROMA "Why a Second World Gathering of Interchurch Families? And why in Rome?"


Chers amis/Dear friends,

On behalf of the non-attendees, members of PREPROMA and of CFP (Comité Francophone Permanent), we would like to transmit to all those gathered in Edmonton our cordial greetings and wishes for a blessed and successful meeting. The Reardons, Finches and Laubers will be able to give you firsthand information about the first PREPROMA meeting near Torre Pellice in Northern Italy 6 to 9 July, 2001. Discussions were lively and passionate, but also realistic and down-to-earth.

Since Geneva 1998, our first World Gathering, the francophone / French speaking Interchurch families have organized a francophone meeting in May 2000, at le Rocheton, south of Paris. Theme: "In my Father's house there are many dwelling places (John14:2) - the joys and fears of being different ".

You can find the program, report and message of the meeting at the francophone website (in French, but don't hesitate to ask for translation if needed):

Following the hopes and wishes expressed by the meeting, several encouraging events have taken place in France in respect with eucharistic hospitality.

Représentant le PREPROMA (le comité de préparation du rassemblement mondial des foyers interconfessionnels en 2003 à Rome) et le Comité Francophone Permanent (la structure des foyers interconfessionnels en France et en Suisse romande) nous vous saluons très cordialement pour votre conférence internationale au Canada!

Nous sommes en union avec vous pendant/pour vos prières, vos partages et vos réflexions, vos conférences, vos rencontres et vos rires.

Bravo pour toute votre organisation! Nous sommes consternés avec vous à cause des difficultés de visa, et, en même temps, éblouis par la demande de rencontre et de dialogue de représentants de tant de pays.

Nous vous souhaitons une bonne semaine, riche et joyeuse, pleine de découvertes, de reconnaissance de l'autre et de moments en unité. En union avec vous dans le Christ,


Nicola Kontzi
Fr. René Beaupère
Pamela Fiévet


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