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Some people come to this site because they want to learn more about what is variously referred to as a mixed marriage, an ecumenical marriage, an interdenominational marriage, a two-church marriage, a mixed Christian marriage, an interconfessional marriage, a Catholic/non-Catholic marriage, an interchurch marriage, or (mistakenly) an interfaith marriage. (Interfaith marriages are between people of two different faiths, whereas the marriages referred to here are those between two people of different traditions but both being of the Christian faith.) Some come because they have a family member or friend who is married to, or considering marrying, a Christian of another tradition. Others come to learn more of what the churches are saying on the journey to Christian unity, while still others come in an attempt to make sense of the pain and frustration they are feeling as they live in their marriage the impact of the scandal of churches divided.

More and more, however, people are coming here to discover the richness and joy to be found in sharing in each other's church traditions, and worshipping as much as possible together in each other's churches.

Interchurch families (where the partners belong to different denominations - often a Roman Catholic and a Christian of another communion) are increasingly found all over the world. We have found that as we draw closer to Christ, we draw closer to each other, and to each other’s churches. Today we are gathering in groups and Associations in various countries. We lend support to each other, share information, and discuss how to live the often painful and confusing situations arising out of the divisions in the churches. We also reach out to other interchurch families so they, too, may come to discover and celebrate the richness of each other's traditions, a richness of our baptismal unity which we know from experience far exceeds the divisions.

This web site seeks to link all those families, groups, and Associations so that together we may grow in Christian unity, and become for our churches an ever-greater gift of healing of the scandal of disunity. It provides rich resources for those on the ecumenical journey as lived in interchurch families. Of these resources, the Journal, produced over a period of more than 10 years, and reflecting the experiences of interchurch families and the thelogy which undergirds their journey, must be counted among the most valuable.

It takes seriously both our marriage commitment to one another and the fact that two churches are represented in our family; by affirming at local, national and global levels the gifts of interchurch families and their potential as a catalyst for wider church unity.

The Interchurch Families International Discussion Group enables us to share joys and sorrows, to discuss ways of dealing with immediate issues which arise as a consequence of living our marital unity within churches which are divided. Many, be they interchurch couples, pastors, or family and friends of interchurch couples, have found it a source of great encouragement.

We hope that as you browse these pages, you will find new insights which will help you better understand your Christian brothers and sisters of other traditions, find new ways of responding to Christ's prayer that all may be one and, if you are involved in an interchurch marriage, discover a new source of encouragement and support for the vocation to which you have been called. Enjoy and, if you have comments or questions, please contact me, Ray Temmerman, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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