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Welcome to the website of the Interchurch Families International Network.

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This site provides rich resources for the journey to Chrtistian unity which interchurch families live. Of these, the Journal, produced over a period of more than 10 years, and reflecting the experiences of interchurch families and the theology which undergirds their journey, must be counted among the most valuable.

The Interchurch Families International Discussion Group enables us to share joys and sorrows, to discuss ways of dealing with immediate issues which arise as a consequence of living our marital unity within churches which are divided.  Feel free to join.

Enjoy and, if you have comments or questions, please contact me, Ray Temmerman, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Youth Forum

Hi! I'm Mary Catherine Glauber, and I'm going into the eighth grade, My father is Catholic and my mother is Episcopalian. I was baptized in an Episcopal church and I've received my First Communion at my father's church.

I feel comfortable and welcome at both churches. I like being a member of both churches, too.

I feel there have been benefits from having grown up in an interchurch family that most people may not be aware of. I feel that I have been exposed to more and as a result I believe that I have a deeper understanding of my relationship with God; the role that the church should have; and a greater tolerance for religious and cultural diversity than I would have had otherside. I feel that I have had a richer life because of my interchurch origins.

(Mary Gatherine attended the 1997 AAIF conference in Kentucky with her family.)