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Hi! I'm Mary Catherine Glauber, and I'm going into the eighth grade, My father is Catholic and my mother is Episcopalian. I was baptized in an Episcopal church and I've received my First Communion at my father's church.

I feel comfortable and welcome at both churches. I like being a member of both churches, too.

I feel there have been benefits from having grown up in an interchurch family that most people may not be aware of. I feel that I have been exposed to more and as a result I believe that I have a deeper understanding of my relationship with God; the role that the church should have; and a greater tolerance for religious and cultural diversity than I would have had otherside. I feel that I have had a richer life because of my interchurch origins.

(Mary Gatherine attended the 1997 AAIF conference in Kentucky with her family.)



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