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The Interdependent

January 1999, Issue No 17

Published by the Association of Interchurch Families

Well Helloooo
The Social
Dear God

Well Helloooo,

And it's time again to wish every one a Happy New Year. This issue, I have just a mini-Interdependent for you to feast your eyes on, and that means it's going to be extra juicy. Read on to learn about the next social weekend, the future of the Interdependent and how dolphins make decisions (not necessarily in order of importance!). So good luck with this year, make some good New Year's resolutions, and remember to work hard, play hard and rest hard.

Sarah Bard, Editor

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As I have edited the Interdependent for some time now I feel it will soon be time for me to step aside and hand the responsibility to another AIF young person. If you feel the title of Editor would sit happily on your shoulders ......(metaphorically of course or people would accuse you of being a bit of an exhibitionist!). ...anyway, if you are interested drop me a line.

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Q. How do Dolphins make decisions?

A. They 'Flippa' coin!

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The Social - AIF Youth House Party!

As last year's AIF Social Weekend was such a buzzing success I am very excited to reveal that there will be another this year. It will be held again at the Vicarage (Epping Green) and like last year will involve the same combination of pure fun and communal washing up which will be concluded with a prayerful service on the last day. This is also an opportunity for the Young Action Group to get together and talk about the important serious things, however the main theme of the weekend is for us to laugh and generally bond.

So, if you are interested in gracing us with your excellent presence you have to be over 15, and have signed permission from your parents (At this point I should make it clear that the hosts of this occasion are the Bard sisters, and adults present will be those young people who are over 18). This spectacular event will be starting on Friday the 19th February 1999 and your company will be enjoyed until Sunday 21st - which is when we will be throwing you out ruthlessly! We are asking for a donation towards the cost of the weekend of £20 and would like you to send it (cheque made out to Chris Bard) with your parent's signature (if you are under 18) and details of your travel arrangements to the Vicarage - address in the usual place. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

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Dear God

Thank you for each passing year, as we grow stronger in both mind and body. Help us to appreciate our families and the blessings in our lives all year round. Help us to remember that you are always there for us so we can be the best we can be. Amen

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