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The Interdependent

March 1998,  Issue no 16

Published by the Association of Interchurch Families

Well Helloooo
The Social
Katie's Report
Disunited Churches
Ha ha ha ha ha

Well Helloooo,
It is now my pleasure to ease you into this issue of The Interdependent, with warm words and kind thoughts. So if you will accompany me to your "happy place", I hope to find a copy of the Interdependent. In arms reach just to make it extra soft and fuzzy.

Sarah Bard, Editor

And now for some coherent sentences. In this issue you will be taken on a rollercoaster involving heartfelt experiences, fascinating reports, articulate articles and (if you speak French) a most amusing Joke.

So, put your feet up, wear a big woolly jumper (not compulsory) and try not to spill tea on your new bubbling Interdependent.

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The Social
As all readers of the Interdependent will be aware, the Young Action Group Committee recently organised a social weekend packed full of leisurely activity. The activities were intended to bring the young people closer together and to give us some time for relaxation (greatly appreciated for the GCSE and A level gang.) To put it concisely the weekend was to achieve pure "Bonding" and "Chilling".

I am grateful to everybody who came especially as they gave me their responses. From these personal (and occasionally anonymous) accounts the experience can quite confidently be marked as a positive and successful one.

'This weekend has been great. Getting together, just to "bond", is a good idea. Our cake baking skills were fantastic, and we even got the boys to wash up! We should make this a more regular occurrence.' Karen.

'This weekend has been a really good experience. It's really good to just get to know each other as "people", rather than the "not child/not adult" section (except Ellen who can vote!). It was a really good idea just to be "normal" together. Jo.

'Chatting, cooking, washing, sleeping, TV watching, group sessions and lots more. This weekend involved all to the above, it gave the young people of AIF a chance to get to know a little more about each other through living together over a space of a few days. It was a source of inspiration for all and it also encouraged us to aim to hold more of these types of event and social get togethers.'

'Impressed with the amount of surrounding countryside and Sarah's excellent driving. I had a great day. We had an exciting trip to Tesco with the result of a gorgeous smell of chocolate cake emanating from the kitchen. I re-learned everbody's names and we had a really good laugh together. Thanks for a fantastic day.' Melanie.

'In the hustling bustling metropolis that is Epping Green some of the youth assembled for a weekend of chilling. The whole weekend went smoothly with much video watching and an amazing level of politeness. New talents were discovered as and extra lare dice was made by Karen to replace one which had been tidied up'. David.

' This weekend has been really successful. We have all been able to relax and "chill". We have been able to do all the things we couldn't do at Swanwick. Everybody has been more relaxed and fun loving. Great idea and it must be done again!'

'It's been a great chance to see everybody more that once a year. The service on Sunday morning was very special.'

'It was a really good opportunity for getting to know the people of our own age better. Waiting for a lift at the station helped me to make friends with everybody. Everybody was really great and worked together in everything. Nobody abstained from the menial tasks like washing up. On Saturday the most delicious cake was cooked. I think that it was great having it at someone's house because it made it less formal. I hope the house was in a decent condition when we left, and it was great for the Bards to surrender their house to us for the weekend. Thank you. Sarah M.

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Katie's Report (aged 8)

For all those of you who missed Swanwick last year, here is Katie's account of the Saturday to wet your appetite for this year's.

Saturday 23rd August 1997:
On Saturday at 5.00am we all woke up and got dressed. After breakfast we packed all the last things and finally left the house. The journey took four and a half hours. In the car we read and did some writing. When we got to Swanwick we got the keys from the lady at the desk and them started to unpack the car. We all took our luggage up to our room. Our room had a view of the entrance so we watched everyone come in.

At last year's Conference I had made a friend whose name was Mary. This year she was there! I was happy. I also made friends with two girls whose names were Georgina and Lizzie. We all had a lot of fun together. Then we had lunch.

After lunch we went to our groups. In our groups we saw the beginning of a story called "Treasures of the Snow". We also did some drawing , reading, playing and games till it was time for supper. Then there was a funfair, with all kinds of things like trying to get the hoops on the board. Then it was time to go to bed. We had bunk beds. I slept on the top bunk.

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(Taken from an article published in John's Catholic parish magazine)

I am a 10 year old Christian who has received First Communion in the Catholic Church. My mother is an Anglican and my father is a Catholic so we go to two churches - St Mary's, Burghill one week and Belmont Abbey the next. Because of this we are an interchurch family, and are members of AIF. It is hard because, due to church laws, my mother is not allowed to take communion in the Catholic Church, and if I was confirmed in the Anglican church it would be the same for me.

Christian denominations stretch far and wide to the four corners of the earth. There are so many to name, the list is endless. But how many were there when Jesus, the founder of Christianity, was alive on earth? One Church, with a simple name, the Christian Church. Why did the one simple Christian Church split up into so many churches? Did Jesus want this? Jesus did not want this! He wanted the world to be one body, like we always say in church. But we are not one body, we are many bodies, stretched throughout the world. This has led to war and hatred with people trying to prove their church is better than the others. This definitely wasn't what Jesus had in mind for future Christians. Going to two churches I have feelings for my mother, for my self, for the whole of my family, and for every Christian on earth. I hope and believe that one day we will all be one body and when that happens I want to be involved in it.

John Nugent (aged 10)

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Ha ha ha ha ha

Q.Two cats decide to swim the Channel, one is English, one French. The English cat is called OneTwo Three, the French cat is called Un Deux Trois. Which cat is first to Calais?

A. One Two Three.. Un Deux Trois cat sank. (!)

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