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"Tables for Two"

Closing Prayer

The love we share is part of God and His perfect love for us.  I experience His love for me through you.  with God's help I love you more than I thought possible.  Today, I commit myself to love you more and more perfectly as together we walk with God in this wonderful relationship.  It is wonderful to love you and be loved by you.  Thank you!!!

Blessing Prayer
for Our Relationship

Lord, may we experience your 
love in new and deeper ways.
May we always be aware of 
how deeply you love us.

May we always have memories
of shared love.

May we always give thanks for
the times when we needed
someone to talk to and we
were there for each other.

May we always walk proudly
together and humbly support
one another.

Lord God, bless us this day
with all good things: health,
joy, love, and laughter.  Kepp
us in your care and protect us.
May we learn to love and
appreciate one another more
and more each day.



An Evening Prayer

Loving God of all creation, we thank you
for the countless blessings of this day:
gifts of sight, sound, touch, and smell, for
wonder without end.

We thank you for your endless patience
with us and your pardon of our failings.
Awaken our hearts to journey inward to
you with one another.  May your spirit lead
us into prayer together.

We surrender ourselves to your
safekeeping as night draws to a close.
Bless with your presence those we

Come and be with us in sleep that will
refresh us for a new day and for the work
of production or play it holds for us.

With gratitude and faith in God and one
another we conclude this day grateful for
what was and what will be.


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