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AIF Journal

Journal Library Index
Summer 2004 (Vol 12,2)
January 2004(Vol 12.1)
Summer 2003 (Vol 11.2)
January 2003 (Vol 11.1)
Summer 2002 (Vol 10.2)
January 2002 (Vol 10.1)
Summer 2001 (Vol 9.2)
January 2001 (Vol 9.1)
Summer 2000 (Vol 8.2)
January 2000 (Vol 8.1)
Summer 1999 (Vol 7.2)
January 1999 (Vol 7.1)
Summer 1998 (Vol 6.2)
January 1998 (Vol 6.1)
Summer 1997 (Vol 5.2)
January 1997 (Vol 5.1)
Summer 1996 (Vol 4.2)
January 1996 (Vol 4.1)
Summer 1995 (Vol 3.2)
January 1995 (Vol 3.1)
Summer 1994 (Vol 2.2)
January 1994 (Vol 2.1)
Summer 1993 (Vol 1.2)
January 1993 (Vol 1.1) 


Summer 2004 (827k pdf) (Vol 12.2)
Forty Years On (12.2.1)
The Journal 1993-2004: An Overview (12.2.2-3)
Interchurch family groups in Europe and the Churches (12.2.4-5)
Why I receive communion at the Lord's Supper (12.2.6)
My experience of confirmation and membership (12.2.6)
Swiss conferences 1974-2003 (12.2.7-8)
Interchurch families around the world(12.2.9)
Agreements on interchurch marriages in Switzerland (12.2.10-11)
Problems and passion (12.2.11)
Greek Orthodox marriages in the USA (12.2.12-13)

January 2004 (pdf 678k) (Vol 12.1)
From Rome with joy (12.1.1)
Address by Cardinal Kasper (12.1.1-3)
Anglican greetings (12.1.3-5)
Rome Document (12.1)
Address by Mgr Giuseppe Chiaretti (12.1.5-6) 
Address by Professor Daniel Garrone (12.1.7) 
Address to the Pontifical Council (12.1.7-9)
Message from the Second World Gathering of Interchurch Families, Rome 2003 (12.1.9-10)
Interchurch Families Around the World (12.1.10-11)
Franco-Swiss conferences 1967-1981 (12.1.11-13)
Learning to forgive (12.1.14-17)
A spirituality for interchurch marriage (12.1.17-18)

Summer 2003 (Vol 11.2)
Celebrating initiation into Christ and the Church (11.2.1)
Baptism into Christ and the Church in an interchurch family context (11.2.2)
What about the child of a Roman Catholic-Baptist couple? (11.2.3)
A long wait for baptism (11.2.4)
A blessing for our children (11.2.5-6)
Baptism of believers (11.2.7)
Christian initiation in interchurch families (11.2.8-12) 
German guidelines on Eucharistic sharing: a correction (11.2.12)
The path of Roman Catholic and Anglican unity (11.2.13-15)

January 2003 (pdf, 2MB) (Vol 11.1)
Towards Rome 2003
Interchurch Families Around the World
International Conferences of Interchurch Families
Eucharistic sharing: further study
En route for Rome 2003
Shutting out or welcoming in?

Summer 2002 (pdf, 2MB) (Vol 10.2)
Pastoral Understanding - Cover (10.2, 1)
Parity of Esteem (10.2.2-3)
Pastoral Understanding (10.2.4-5)
Resources for Ecumenical Hope (10.2.6)
Interchurch Families - Sign and Summons (10.2.7)
Around the World (10.2.8-9)
Fr. John Coventry SJ (10.2.10-15)

January 2002 (pdf, 2MB) (Vol 10, 1)
Living the Path to Christian Unity (10.1.1)
Telling our stories (10.1.2-4)
Spirituality for Interchurch Families (10.1.5-8) 
Potential of interchurch families (10.1.9-12) 
Past & Future (10.1.13-15)
Coming conferences (10.1.16)

Summer 2001 (pdf 411k) (Vol 9.2)
Going Beyond (9.2.1)
You and your children (9.2.2)
There is no blueprint for interchurch children (9.2.3)
Celebrating 25 years (9.2.4)
Making Love: The first rule of marriage (9.2.5-7)
Interchurch families around the world (9.2.8)
Italian-French-Swiss Conferences (9.2.9-10)
Baptising our daughter (9.2.11)
Eucharist Sharing: Forming our consciences (9.2.12-16)

January 2001 (pdf 290k) (Vol 9.1)
No Blueprint (9.1.1)
Three baptisms in our family (9.1.2-3) 
I'm lucky, not weird (9.1.3)
Marc is baptised (9.1.4)
INTAMS Review (9.1.5)
Guidelines for Interchurch Marriages in India (9.1.6-7)
Interchurch families around the world (9.1.8-10) 
Guidelines for eucharistic sharing in Canada (9.1.11-15)

Summer 2000 (pdf, 2mb) (Vol 8.2)
Unity by Stages (8.2.1)
Tribute to Johannes Cardinal Willebrands (8.2.2-4) 
New South African Guidelines for Eucharistic Sharing (8.2.5-6)
Rockhampton Diocese Guidelines for Eucharistic Sharing (8.2.7)
My Experience as an Interchurch Child (8.2.8-9) 
Practical Steps Forward in Anglican-Roman Catholic Relations (8.2.10-13)
Eucharistic Sharing in Interchurch Families in Relation to Authority Issues (8.2.14-15)

January 2000 (pdf, 2MB) Vol 8.1)
What do we mean by interchurch families? (8.1.1)
God Called us to Marry (8.1.2)
One Church at Home (8.1.3)
Ruth's Baptism (8.1.4)
Reaffirming my Commitment (8.1.5)
Reflections Over 30 Years (8.1.6-7)
Interchurch Families Around the World (8.1.8-11) 
Ministry to Interchurch Marriages (8.1.12) 
Challenge and Significance (8.1.13)
Interchurch Families - A Triptych (8.1.14-15)

Summer 1999 (pdf, 2MB) (Vol 7.2)
AIF Journal - Summer 1999 (7.2.1)
Homily at Heythrop (7.2.2-3)
Interchurch Marriage and Freedom of Conscience in Zimbabwe (7.2.4-6)
World Council of Churches 8th Assembly (7.2.6) 
Setting up a Local AIF Group in Zimbabwe (7.2.7) 
Padare at Harare (7.2.8)
Interchurch Families Around the World (7.2.9) 
One Bread One Body: A Commentary (7.2.10-15)
Conferences Around the World (7.2.16)

January 1999 (pdf, 2MB) (Vol 7.1)
Fr. Michael Hurley on Fr. John Coventry (7.1.1)
Everyone who asks will receive (7.1.2-3)
We love one another (7.1.4)
A witness to ecumenism (7.1.5-6)
Geneva 1998 (7.1.7)
Interchurch Families Around the World (7.1.8) 
Opening up ecumenical space (7.1.9-13)
How I 'invented' dual affirmation (7.1.14)
Our Silver Wedding - A special occasion (7.1.15)

Summer 1998 (pdf, 2MB) (Vol 6.2)
Editorial (6.2.1)
Personal and Corporate (6.2.2)
Christian Unity in Marriage (6.2.3)
Occasions of Need (6.2.4-5)
Eucharistic Sharing Southern Africa (6.2.6-7) 
Around the World (6.2.8-9)
MIXING LOVE AND FAITH: a Jewish Perspective (6.2.10-11) 
Christian-Muslim Marriages (6.2.12-13)
Christian-Hindu Marriage (6.2.14-15)
Interfaith marriage Guidelines (6.2.15)

January 1998 (pdf, 2MB) (Vol 6.1)
Beatitudes for Interchurch Families (6.1.1)
Mark's First Communion (6.1.2)
The Body and the Blood (6.1.2)
Graz 1997 (6.1.3)
Growing as Domestic Church (6.1.4-7)
Around the World (6.1.8-9)
Eucharistic Sharing (6.1.10-13)
Pilgrim's Way (6.1.14)
Young People (6.1.15)

Summer 1997 (pdf, 2MB) (Vol 5.2)
Editorial (5.2.1)
Cardinal Hume (5.2.2-4)
Spiritual Communion (5.2.4)
Eucharistic Belief (5.2.5-7)
Around the World (5.2.8-10)
Ecumenism at Home (5.2.10)
INTAMS (5.2.11)
Ecclesiological Implications (5.2.12)
Canadian Bishops (5.2.13)
Doouble Belonging (5.2.14)
Letter to Methodists (5.2.15)

January 1997 (Vol 5.1)
Virginia 1996 (5.1.1)
We went to Virginia (5.1.2-4)
Church Eucharist and Family (5.1.5-6)
Christian Unity and Interchurch Families: An English Perspective (5.1.7-9)
Interchurch Marriages and the reception of the Eucharist (5.1.10-11)
Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh (5.1.12-13)
Interchurch Families - Hope for the Churches (5.1.14-15)

Summer 1996 (pdf) (Vol 4.2)
Come Down Quickly! (4.2.1)
First Communions in our Family: A Reflection (4.2.2) 
EUCHARIST AND FAMILY: Essential to Communion (4.2.3) 
LEPs & Interchurch Marriage (4.2.7-8)
INTERCHURCH FAMILIES: A model for the LEP community (4.2.7)
Interchurch Families Around the World (4.2.8-11) 
Interchurch Families: Ecumenically liberating the Church (4.2.12-15)

January 1996 (Vol 4.1)
Knocking at the door (4, 1, 1)
Occasions or Cases? (4.1.2)
Hidden Strength (4.1.3)
A Source of Joy (4.1.4-6)
A Canadian Association? (4.1.7)
Coppie interconfessionali - Italy (4.1.9-10) 
Appel a Nos Eglises - France (4.1.10-11)
Growing in Christ (4.1.12-15)

Summer 1995 (pdf) (Vol 3.2)
Conscientious Decisions (3.2.1)
Discerning the Body (3.2.2)
Validity and Orders (3.2.3-4)
Two Ordinations: One Reality (3.2.4)
Nick and the Eucharist (3.2.5-6)
Northern Ireland Mixed Marriage Association (3.2.7) 
News From Southern Ireland (3.2.8-9)
A House Blessing (3.2.9)
Interchurch Families as a Threat of Resurrection (3.2.10-15)

January 1995 (pdf) (Vol 3.1)
Two By Two (3.1.1)
Paul's First Communion (3.1.2)
Not Worthy to Receive (3.1.3)
Churches Together in Marriage (3.1.4)
A Dual Commitment (3.1.5)
Called To Be One (3.1.5)
The Agony and the Ecstasy (3.1.6.)
Bellinter 1994 - The "Domestic Church" (3.1.7-9)
From an Irish Perspective (3.1.10-11)

Summer 1994 (pdf) (Vol 2.2)
Sharing Communion (2.2.1)
Joanna is Baptised (2.2.2-3)
Interchurch Families and Christian Unity (2.2.3) 
A Generation Ago (2.2.4-5)
First Catholic Agreement: Catholic / Syrian Orthodox (2.2.6-7)
Interchurch Families Around the World (2.2.8-9) 
Admission to communion in the Roman Catholic Church for partners in Interchurch Families (2.2.10-15)

January 1994 (pdf) (Vol 2.1)
So What's New? (2.1.1)
First Holy Communion (2.1.2-3)
An Interchurch Family in the Country (2.1.4-6) 
Families as Agents of Evangelism (2.1.6)
My Other Parish (2.1.7)
From Problem to Mission (2.1.7)
Interchurch Families Around the World (2.1.8-9) 
Making a Marriage: Seeking Unity (2.1.10-11)
Five Opportunities (2.1.2-13)
Challenges to Jesus (2.1.14-15)

Summer 1993 (pdf) (Vol 1.2)
No Blueprint (1.2.1,16)
A View From Both Sides - Mary's Story (1.2.2-3) 
A View From Both Sides - Ian's Story (1.2.3-5) 
A View From Both Sides - A Daughter Speaks (1.2.4-5) 
A Two-Church Family (1.2.6-7)
Interchurch Families Around the World (1.2.8-9) 
The New Ecumenical Directory (1.2.10-11)
The New Directory: Section on Mixed Marriages (1.2.11-12) 
A Pastoral Priority (1.2.12-14)
An Appeal to the Churches (1.2.14-15)
Ruth Belongs to Both (1.2.15)
Shared Home Shared Church (1.2.15)
Eighth International Conference (1.2.16)

January 1993 (pdf) (Vol 1.1)
A New Look for Interchurch Families (1.1.1)
Alexandra's First Communion (1.1.2) 
Helena's First Communion (1.1.3)
Water On The Carpet (1.1.3)
Catholics and Protestants (1.1.4-7)
The AIF Video (1.1.8-9)
No Cross - No Resurrection (1.1.9)
A Reflection on a Mixed Marriage (1.1.10) 
Marriage Across Frontiers (1.1.10-12)
In Dublin's Fair City (1.1.13)
English ARC (1.1.14)
Finding the Brick Wall - Roman Catholic / Methodist Committee (1.1.14-15)
Grandparental Ecumenism (1.1.15)
International Year of the Family

July 1992 
Interchurch Families Perth

Council of Churches for Britain and Ireland
GLU at Swanwick
More Baptism Stories

July 1990 
Ellen's First Communion

Aidan's Baptism
Mixed Marriages Spearhead the Interchurch Process
A Day of Encouragement
Mixed Marriages - The Revised Directory
Scottish Association of Interchurch Families
A Dual Commitment

Interdependent (Youth)

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The Interdependent

October 2006 (3.6MB, very large)
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July 1999
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January 1998 
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Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (?)
Contribution from a 3-year-old
Holy Bit
New thing!...New thing!...New thing!

September 1997 

Want an American Pen Pal?
Holy Bit
A Report from California
24 Hours in France
The New Committee

Other AIF (UK) Articles

What is an interchurch family?
First Holy Communion
Then And Now
Conscientious Decisions
First Communion
Admission to Communion

Foyers Mixtes (France)

Site de Foyers Mixtes
Charte oecumTnique europTenne
Lettre Aux Amis
Letter to Friends (English)

October 1998: Geneva Rassemblement Mondial 
Pour toi l'absent quelques couleurs

Suivez le guide!
Promouvoir le mouvement oecumTnique
Echos internationaux
Message Final
Demander le Saint Esprit
Des Eglises separates et un seul Christ


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Other Articles & Letters

Toward a Language of Faithful Possibilities (2009)
Pioneers not problems (Terra Spiritus, 2007)
Our shared Journey (Ed & Joy Bedard, inEcumenism December 2005)
Our shared Journey (French, 2005)
Subscribe to 'Ecumenism'
Between the times, between communities (2004)
Unity in Difference
Response to Antelias
A Question of Eucharistic Sharing - Nuremberg
Innsbruk Faculty of Theology
Interchurch Families: Witnesses to Christian Unity
Eucharistic Sharing
Eucharistic Sharing: Recent Developments
7th Report Catholic / Orthodox Working Group
Interchurch Families: Sign and Summons
Interchurch Families and the Quest for Unity
Of Sign and Sacrament
One Bread One Body - Commentary
Domestic church: a survey of the literature (INTAMS) (2001)
"Revealing the Holy" in INTAMS
To Prairie Messenger re marriage
WCC: Church and Ecumical Relations
Full of Life, Full of Faith, Full of Call, Full of Gift (2003)
Trials of the Nuptial Melting Pot (29SEP2005) 
The ecumenical movement in the 21st century (Cardinal Kasper, 2005)
From reflection to reception (Catholicos Aram I, 2005)

Episcopal Statements & Responses

Episcopal Statement Overview
Diocese of Charleston, SC (1997, Revised 2012)
Archdiocese of Santa Fe (2009)
Pastoral Notes for Saskatoon Policy (2008)

Diocese of Saskatoon (2007)
Diocese of Saskatoon-Pastoral Letter by Bishop LeGatt
Making Everybody Welcome (UK) (2006)
Diocese of Phoenix (2005)
Directory on Ecumenism - S. Africa (2003) 
Real But Imperfect: Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle

Diocese of Rockville Center (1999)
One Bread One Body - One Year: Church of Ireland (1999)

Response to One Bread One Body (1999)
One Bread One Body: Bishops of England and Wales(1998)
Diocese of Rockhampton, Australia(1998) 
Archdiocese of Adelaide (1997)
USCCB Guidelines for the Reception of Communion

Archdiocese of Brisbane: Admission to Communion (1995)
Catholic - Malankara Agreement (1994)
Note de la commission episcopale francaise - Directoire pour L'Application des Principes et des Normes sur L'Oecumenisme (1993)
L' Hospitalite Eucharistique avec les Chretiens des Eglises de la Reforme (1983)
Dioceses of Helena and Great Falls-Billings (1982)

Domestic Church Project

International Conferences 
Rome 2003
Canada 2001
Geneva 1998
Virginia 1996
World Council of Churches-2006
Receptive Ecumenism

Receptive Ecumenism

Reports and Reviews

Rome 2003

United in Baptism & Marriage
Rome document (English) 
Rome document (French)
Rome document (German)
Rome document (Italian)
The Conference
Address by Professore Daniele Garrone

Malcolm & Josie Green, U.K. 
William & Anne Odling-Smee, Northern Ireland
Rudolf & Rosmari Lauber, Germany
Ray & Fenella Temmerman, Canada

Coordinator's Report

Country Reports
Canada (English)
Canada (French)
Northern Ireland
Switzerland (English)
Switzerland (French)
United Kingdom
United States

Mgr Giuseppe Chiaretti
Cardinal Walter Kasper
Archbishop Rowan Williams of Canterbury
International Anglican Roman Catholic Commission for Unity and Mission

Final message from the conference

To Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity

Pastor Eberhard Aebischer, Saturday July 26
Rev René Beaupère, Sunday July 27
Rev René Beaupère, Closing session July 28
Rev Jean Baptist Lipp
Canon Martin Reardon, Saturday July 26 
Greetings from Pope John Paul II (translated)

Some of the photos taken (some are fairly large, all totalling 1.2mb)

Conference Centre - Rocca di Papa
Location: Mondo Migliore

Canada 2001

Conference information
Speakers & Themes
Conference Participants

United in Baptism & Marriage 
Dr. Eileen Scully

Andrew & Natalie Cook

Unity & Communion 
Br. Gilles - Bourdeau - English

Br. Gilles Bourdeau - French
Craig & Michele Buchanan - English
Craig & Michele Buchanan - French

The Path Travelled - Past & Future 
Bishop Marc Ouellet

Dr. Ruth Reardon - History
Rev. Martin Reardon - The Future

Spirituality for interchurch families 
A homily for interchurch families

A family of love
To move beyond

Letter from Youth

Communique from adults

Country Reports 

Great Britain
New Zealand
Northern Ireland
United States of America

Geneva 1998

The people of the conference
The International Conference
Report from Germany
Report from Switzerland
Address Rev. Martin Reardon morning worship in the Ecumenical Centre
Keynote Rev. Dr. Konrad Raiser General Secretary World Council of Churches
Presentation par Eric Lombard
Sermon by Rev. Anne-Lise Nerfin Sunday morning
Final letter - English
En francais: voyers 'Publications / Foyers Mixtes'


Virigina Beach
Bone of My Bone Flesh of My Flesh: Interchurch Families as Symbol and Sign.
Interchurch Families--Hope for the Churches: History and Perspectives
Christian Unity and Interchurch Families: An English Perspective
Interchurch Families and Eucharistic Sharing: Present and Future
Fr. George Kilcourse
Canadian Report

National Conferences 
France 1995


Austria: ARGE +kumene 2000 (English)
Austria: ARGE Okumene
ARGE - Wels 1999


Swanwick 2011

Swanwick 2008

Swanwick 2001 
Sr. Cecily Boulding O.P.

Canon Martin Reardon
Bishop David Hawtin

France 1995

Fais de nous ton peuple en marche
Tous ensemble a Versailles
Jalons sur la route de l'unitT
Groupes de discussion
Foyers mixtes explosifs


Heilsbronn January 2001
Neresheim (English translation)
Dornstadt October 2000


2012 Biennial Conference
2010 Biennial Conference Registration

2010 Conference Agenda
Christian Unity Made Visible
2004 Biennial conference
1999 Biennial conference
People of God - Ecumenical Corner

Other Conferences

Canada: Anglican / Catholic Bishops
Ecumenical Institute - Calgary 1997
Graz 1997

Ecumenical Award

Ray's presentation
Fenella's presentation

Personal Journies

Difficulties and Benefits
Simon Quail - 30 years of marriage
David & Susan - Communion
Bernie and Shirley Karstad
Revealing the Holy in INTAMS
Rita and Martin Howell
Dupuy & Brubaker Families

Other Groups and Associations of Interchurch Families

American Association
Association Française des Foyers Mixtes Interconfessionnels Chrétiens
Northern Ireland Mixed Marriage Association


A meeting with the bishops
Acceptance still poses a problem
Interchurch families anticipate Christian Unity
Interchurch Families in Montreal
Meeting with Bishop James Weisgerber, Saskatoon
Report from Saskatoon

American Association

American Association Web Site
American Association
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Action of Churches Together in Scotland
Churches Together in England
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Council of Churches for Britain and Ireland
CYTUN (Churches Together in Wales)
World Council of Churches

Sacramental and Other Resources

Sacramental Resources Index

Death and Bereavement

Other Resources
General Resources


Baptism leaflet
Baptism: The Shape of the Question
Baptism in Church of England Churches
What about the children of Interchurch Families?
Celebrating Baptism in Interchurch Families
The Sacrament of Baptism
The Question of Baptism
The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Baptised into Christ
Rosemary is Baptised
More Baptism Stories
Joanna is Baptised
Directory on Ecumenism: The Sacrament of Baptism
Rite of Bringing a Baptised Child to the Church
Christian Initiation for the Child of a Roman Catholic / Baptist Couple


Sharing Communion - The Package
Decree - Code - Directory - Ut Unum Sint
First Communion - Family Crisis
Address by Cardinal Willebrands
First Communion
Applications of Code and Directory
After 25 years
Ellen's First Communion
Human Cost of Eucharistic Division
Alexandra's First Communion
First Holy Communion - 1994
Admission to Communion in light of 1993 Directory
Two by Two
Paul's First Communion
Not Worthy to Receive
Exceptional Occasions or Cases?
Sharing Communion Fact Sheet
Archdiocese of Brisbane Guidelines
Tablet Viewpoint: Together at the Altar Rail
Ut Unum Sint - Initial Response
A Simple Statement
A Source of Joy - USS Further Response
Knocking at the Door
Validity and Orders
Discerning the Body
Present and Future - Ladislas Orsy
Soundings for Interchurch Families
German Bishops' Guidelines
Mark's First Communion
Cardinal Hume and Interchurch Families
Eucharistic Belief - John Coventry
Second European Assembly - Graz
Guidelines for Southern Africa
Marriage and the Eucharist
Sharing Communion - New Testament Legacy
Our Silver Wedding
Everyone Who Asks Will Receive
Roman Catholic Position in Outline
One Bread One Body - AIF Initial Response
One Bread One Body - Further Reflections


Guides for a Lutheran-Catholic Marriage (Minneapolis, 1995) 
Getting Married
Mixed Marriages - Revised Directory
What about the children?
Mixed Marriages and Interchurch Families
Wedding at Louvain
Wedding in Grasse
Wedding in Manchester
Canonical Form of Marriage
Making Marriage, Seeking Unity
Churches Together in Marriage
Marrage Preparation
Marriage Across Frontiers

Death & Bereavement

Two Churches, One Funeral
Eucharist at the Funeral
Funeral Arrangements
Making a Will
Helping Organizations
Religious Bookshops - UK

Other Resources

Tables for Two
Opening prayer for couples
Opening prayer - parent & child
Discussion starters
Closing Prayers


Prayer and Interchurch Families

General Resources

Helping your marriage succeed
Ministry to Interchurch Families
Bibliography - Dr. Michael Lawler
Bibliography - Amy Strickland JCL
Bibliography - Dr Florence Caffrey Bourg
Marriage Annulments - Healing Power
Other Resources

Book Reviews

Eucharist Makes the Church



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