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The Synodal Process of the Synod 2021-23, with its tri-fold theme of Commiunion, Participation and Mission, holds great promise for the Church.  As we move through the process, we will have the opportunity to learn to walk with each other, sharing experiences, learning from each other, and together growing in faith in a loving God.

The process is intended to enable the Church (of which we are all part) to better witness to the Gospel, especially with those who live on the spiritual, social, economic, political, geogrpahical, and existential peripheries of the world.

It is our hope, as administrators of this site, that interchurch families around the world will gather in their groups and associations to produce submissions to the synodal process.  As one such submission says, "Our experience of walking together as members of different churches united in baptism and marriage gives us a particular expertise, wisdom and, we believe, an authority that can be offered as part of the Synod conversation."

Please check the menu on the left under 'Synods", then "Synod 2021-23" for contributions as they are provided.



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