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Welcome to the website of the Interchurch Families International Network.

(Feature article can be found below.)

This site provides rich resources for the journey to Chrtistian unity which interchurch families live. Of these, the Journal, produced over a period of more than 10 years, and reflecting the experiences of interchurch families and the theology which undergirds their journey, must be counted among the most valuable.

The Interchurch Families International Discussion Group enables us to share joys and sorrows, to discuss ways of dealing with immediate issues which arise as a consequence of living our marital unity within churches which are divided.  Feel free to join.

Enjoy and, if you have comments or questions, please contact me, Ray Temmerman, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



What is the "Interchurch Families" journal?
Editorial material or comments:
Ruth Reardon
Little School House
High Street,
Bedford MK43 8DB
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Summer 2004 (12.2) (pdf, 827k)

Forty Years On (12.2.1)
The Journal 1993-2004: An Overview (12.2.2-3)
Interchurch family groups in Europe and the Churches (12.2.4-5)
Why I receive communion at the Lord's Supper (12.2.6)
My experience of confirmation and membership (12.2.6)
Swiss conferences 1974-2003 (12.2.7-8)
Interchurch families around the world (12.2.9)
Agreements on interchurch marriages in Switzerland (12.2.10-11)
Problems and passion (12.2.11)
Greek Orthodox marriages in the USA (12.2.12-13)

January 2004 (12.1) (pdf, 678k)

From Rome with joy (12.1.1)
Address by Cardinal Kasper (12.1.1-3)
Anglican greetings (12.1.3-5)
Rome Document (12.1)
Address by Mgr Giuseppe Chiaretti (12.1.5-6) 
Address by Professor Daniel Garrone (12.1.7) 
Address to the Pontifical Council (12.1.7-9)
Message from the Second World Gathering of Interchurch Families, Rome 2003 (12.1.8)
Interchurch Families Around the World (12.1.9)
Franco-Swiss conferences 1967-1981 (12.1.11-12)
Learning to forgive (12.1.12-14)
A spirituality for interchurch marriage (12.1.15)

Summer 2003 (Vol 11.2)

Celebrating initiation into Christ and the Church (11.2.1)
Baptism into Christ and the Church in an interchurch family context (11.2.2)
What about the child of a Roman Catholic-Baptist couple? (11.2.3)
A long wait for baptism (11.2.4)
A blessing for our children (11.2.5-6)
Baptism of believers (11.2.7)
Christian initiation in interchurch families (11.2.8-12) 
German guidelines on Eucharistic sharing: a correction (11.2.12)
The path of Roman Catholic and Anglican unity (11.2.13-15)

January 2003 (Vol 11.1) (pdf)

Towards Rome 2003
Interchurch Families Around the World
International Conferences of Interchurch Families
Eucharistic sharing: further study
En route for Rome 2003
Shutting out or welcoming in?

Summer 2002 (Vol 10.2) (pdf, 2.04mb)

Pastoral Understanding - Cover (10.2, 1)
Parity of Esteem (10.2.2-3)
Pastoral Understanding (10.2.4-5)
Resources for Ecumenical Hope (10.2.6)
Interchurch Families - Sign and Summons (10.2.7)
Around the World (10.2.8-9)
Fr. John Coventry SJ (10.2.10-15)

January 2002 (Vol 10, 1) (pdf, 2mb)

Living the Path to Christian Unity (10.1.1)
Telling our stories (10.1.2-4)
Spirituality for Interchurch Families (10.1.5-8) 
Potential of interchurch families (10.1.9-12) 
Past & Future (10.1.13-15)

Summer 2001 (9.2) (pdf, 2mb)

Going Beyond (9.2.1)
You and your children (9.2.2)
There is no blueprint for interchurch children (9.2.3)
Celebrating 25 years (9.2.4)
Making Love: The first rule of marriage (9.2.5-7)
Interchurch families around the world (9.2.8)
Italian-French-Swiss Conferences (9.2.9-10)
Baptising our daughter (9.2.11)
Eucharist Sharing: Forming our consciences (9.2.12-16)

January 2001 (9.1) (pdf, 291kb)

No Blueprint (9.1.1)
Three baptisms in our family (9.1.2-3) 
I'm lucky, not weird (9.1.3)
Marc is baptised (9.1.4)
INTAMS Review (9.1.5)
Guidelines for Interchurch Marriages in India (9.1.6-7)
Interchurch families around the world (9.1.8-10) 
Guidelines for eucharistic sharing in Canada (9.1.11-15)

Summer 2000 (Vol 8.2) (pdf, 2mb)

Unity by Stages (8.2.1)
Tribute to Johannes Cardinal Willebrands (8.2.2-4) 
New South African Guidelines for Eucharistic Sharing (8.2.5-6)
Rockhampton Diocese Guidelines for Eucharistic Sharing (8.2.7)
My Experience as an Interchurch Child (8.2.8-9) 
Practical Steps Forward in Anglican-Roman Catholic Relations (8.2.10-13)
Eucharistic Sharing in Interchurch Families in Relation to Authority Issues (8.2.14-15)

January 2000 (Vol 8.1)

What do we mean by interchurch families? (8.1.1)
God Called us to Marry (8.1.2)
One Church at Home (8.1.3)
Ruth's Baptism (8.1.4)
Reaffirming my Commitment (8.1.5)
Reflections Over 30 Years (8.1.6-7)
Interchurch Families Around the World (8.1.8-11) 
Ministry to Interchurch Marriages (8.1.12) 
Challenge and Significance (8.1.13)
Interchurch Families - A Triptych (8.1.14-15)

Summer 1999 (Vol 7.2)

AIF Journal - Summer 1999 (7.2.1)
Homily at Heythrop (7.2.2-3)
Interchurch Marriage and Freedom of Conscience in Zimbabwe (7.2.4-6)
World Council of Churches 8th Assembly (7.2.6) 
Setting up a Local AIF Group in Zimbabwe (7.2.7) 
Padare at Harare (7.2.8)
Interchurch Families Around the World (7.2.9) 
One Bread One Body: A Commentary (7.2.10-15)

January 1999 (Vol 7.1)

Fr. Michael Hurley on Fr. John Coventry (7.1.1)
Everyone who asks will receive (7.1.2-3)
We love one another (7.1.4)
A witness to ecumenism (7.1.5-6)
Geneva 1998 (7.1.7)
Interchurch Families Around the World (7.1.8) 
Opening up ecumenical space (7.1.9-13)
How I 'invented' dual affirmation (7.1.14)
Our Silver Wedding - A special occasion (7.1.15)

Summer 1998 (Vol 6.2)

Editorial (6.2.1)
Personal and Corporate (6.2.2)
Christian Unity in Marriage (6.2.3)
Occasions of Need (6.2.4-5)
Eucharistic Sharing Southern Africa (6.2.6-7) 
Around the World (6.2.8-9)
MIXING LOVE AND FAITH: a Jewish Perspective (6.2.10-11) 
Christian-Muslim Marriages (6.2.12-13)
Christian-Hindu Marriage (6.2.14-15)
Interfaith marriage Guidelines (6.2.15)

January 1998 (Vol 6.1)

Beatitudes for Interchurch Families (6.1.1)
Mark's First Communion (6.1.2)
The Body and the Blood (6.1.2)
Graz 1997 (6.1.3)
Growing as Domestic Church (6.1.4-7)
Around the World (6.1.8-9)
Eucharistic Sharing (6.1.10-13)
Pilgrim's Way (6.1.14)
Young People (6.1.15)

Summer 1997 (Vol 5.2)

Editorial (5.2.1)
Cardinal Hume (5.2.2-4)
Spiritual Communion (5.2.4)
Eucharistic Belief (5.2.5-7)
Around the World (5.2.8-10)
Ecumenism at Home (5.2.10)
INTAMS (5.2.11)
Ecclesiological Implications (5.2.12)
Canadian Bishops (5.2.13)
Double Belonging (5.2.14)
Letter to Methodists (5.2.15)

January 1997 (Vol 5.1)

Virginia 1996 (5.1.1)
We went to Virginia (5.1.2-4)
Church Eucharist and Family (5.1.5-6)
Christian Unity and Interchurch Families: An English Perspective (5.1.7-9)
Interchurch Marriages and the reception of the Eucharist (5.1.10-11)
Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh (5.1.12-13)
Interchurch Families - Hope for the Churches (5.1.14-15)

Summer 1996 (Vol 4.2)

Come Down Quickly! (4.2.1)
First Communions in our Family: A Reflection (4.2.2) 
EUCHARIST AND FAMILY: Essential to Communion (4.2.3) 
LEPs & Interchurch Marriage (4.2.7-8)
INTERCHURCH FAMILIES: A model for the LEP community (4.2.7)
Interchurch Families Around the World (4.2.8-11) 
Interchurch Families: Ecumenically liberating the Church (4.2.12-15)

January 1996 (Vol 4.1)

Knocking at the door (4, 1, 1)
Occasions or Cases? (4.1.2)
Hidden Strength (4.1.3)
A Source of Joy (4.1.4-6)
A Canadian Association? (4.1.7)
Coppie interconfessionali - Italy (4.1.9-10) 
Appel a Nos Eglises - France (4.1.10-11)
Growing in Christ (4.1.12-15)

Summer 1995 (Vol 3.2)

Conscientious Decisions (3.2.1)
Discerning the Body (3.2.2)
Validity and Orders (3.2.3-4)
Two Ordinations: One Reality (3.2.4)
Nick and the Eucharist (3.2.5-6)
Northern Ireland Mixed Marriage Association (3.2.7) 
News From Southern Ireland (3.2.8-9)
A House Blessing (3.2.9)
Interchurch Families as a Threat of Resurrection (3.2.10-15)

January 1995 (Vol 3.1)

Two By Two (3.1.1)
Paul's First Communion (3.1.2)
Not Worthy to Receive (3.1.3)
Churches Together in Marriage (3.1.4)
A Dual Commitment (3.1.5)
Called To Be One (3.1.5)
The Agony and the Ecstasy (3.1.6.)
Bellinter 1994 - The "Domestic Church" (3.1.7-9)
From an Irish Perspective (3.1.10-11)

Summer 1994 (Vol 2.2)

Sharing Communion (2.2.1)
Joanna is Baptised (2.2.2-3)
Interchurch Families and Christian Unity (2.2.3) 
A Generation Ago (2.2.4-5)
First Catholic Agreement: Catholic / Syrian Orthodox (2.2.6-7)
Interchurch Families Around the World (2.2.8-9) 
Admission to communion in the Roman Catholic Church for partners in Interchurch Families (2.2.10-15)

January 1994 (Vol 2.1)

So What's New? (2.1.1)
First Holy Communion (2.1.2-3)
An Interchurch Family in the Country (2.1.4-6) 
Families as Agents of Evangelism (2.1.6)
My Other Parish (2.1.7)
From Problem to Mission (2.1.7)
Interchurch Families Around the World (2.1.8-9) 
Making a Marriage: Seeking Unity (2.1.10-11)
Five Opportunities (2.1.2-13)
Challenges to Jesus (2.1.14-15)

Summer 1993 (Vol 1.2) (pdf 2.3MB)

No Blueprint (1.2.1,16)
A View From Both Sides (1.2.2-3) 
A View From Both Sides - Ian's Story (1.2.3-5) 
A View From Both Sides - A Daughter Speaks (1.2.4-5) 
A Two-Church Family (1.2.6-7)
Interchurch Families Around the World (1.2.8-9) 
The New Ecumenical Directory (1.2.10-11)
The New Directory: Section on Mixed Marriages (1.2.11-12) 
A Pastoral Priority (1.2.12-14)
An Appeal to the Churches (1.2.14-15)
Ruth Belongs to Both (1.2.15)
Shared Home Shared Church (1.2.15)
Eighth International Conference (1.2.16)

January 1993 (Vol 1.1)

A New Look for Interchurch Families (1.1.1)
Alexandra's First Communion (1.1.2) 
Helena's First Communion
Water On The Carpet (1.1.3)
Catholics and Protestants (1.1.4-7)
The AIF Video (1.1.8-9)
No Cross - No Resurrection (1.1.9)
A Reflection on a Mixed Marriage (1.1.10) 
Marriage Across Frontiers (1.1.10-12)
In Dublin's Fair City (1.1.13)
English ARC (1.1.14)
Finding the Brick Wall - Roman Catholic / Methodist Committee (1.1.14-15)
Grandparental Ecumenism (1.1.15)
International Year of the Family

Summer 1992

Interchurch Families, Perth
Council of Churches for Britain and Ireland
GLU at Swanwick
Interchurch Families as "Windows" for Ecumenism
More Baptism Stories

Summer 1990

Ellen's First Communion
Aidan's Baptism
Mixed Marriages Spearhead the Interchurch Process
A Day of Encouragement
Mixed Marriages - The Revised Directory
Scottish Association of Interchurch Families
A Dual Commitment

Other Writings

What is an interchurch family?
After 25 Years...
First Holy Communion
Sharing Communion: Exceptional Occasions or Exceptional Cases
Then And Now
Mixed Marriages & Their Christian Families (Cardinal Willebrands)
Sharing Communion: A Fact Sheet (March 1995)
UT UNUM SINT: An Initial Response
ARCHDIOCESE OF BRISBANE: Admission to Communion
Conscientious Decisions
Eucharistic Division: The Human Cost
First Communion
Admission to Communion