Gap year

I occasionally get information sent to me about gap year opportunities. Some of them look really exciting… if only I'd known about them when I was younger!

Here's a selection:

· Christian Aid does a programme in conjunction with Time for God. For more information call Elaine Hornsby at TFG on 020 8444 8096.

· Toybox is a charity that supports street children from Guatemala. They offer a "Gap Year Challenge" of three months in Guatemala learning Spanish and working in a hands on role, followed by nine months in Amersham doing schools outreach. If you are interested, call Louise Sherratt on 01494 432591.

Or contact your Diocesan or District Youth Officer (you'll find an Anglican one in most dioceses. There are some Catholic youth officers.)

Denominational youth officers have big files of gap year opportunities with churches and charities.

Student Christian Movement

SCM has a retreat from 22-24 June for students to de-stress at the end of the year. For information call 0121 471 2404 or email .

I hope this is of some use to you!

11 - 14’s at Swanwick

If you want me to, I will run a session just for 11-14's on confirmation and other issues for interchurch children. This will be straight after supper on Saturday evening. It would help me if I could get an idea of how many people would be interested in coming, and what sort of things you would like to do in the session. So, 11-14's - please get in touch (it's lonely here on my own….) and let me know what YOU WANT:
Call 01628 603297
Or write (!) to me at:
40 Patricia Close,
Slough, SL1 5HU.

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