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Well Helloooo,

And let me take this sparkling opportunity to wish everyone an entirely blissful and fulfilling new year. I hope you feel rested and ready to go after the Christmas break, and are eagerly anticipating the new year full of fresh challenges and experiences. Or you might still have a headache from the partying of 97 in which case you should probably go back to bed!

Either way have I got an Interdependent for you! In the bundle of Jokes, pictures and prayers there is. eyebrow raising - pay attention - this is quite interesting, type of news concerning our first young people weekend, intended for pure partying and us getting to know us. We've been talking about it since Birmingham and now it's finally happening. Read on for more info...

So, make yourself a nice cup of cocoa, light a fire (or sit by the radiator) and enjoy your shiny new Interdependent.

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Ha ha ha ha ha (?)

Q. What did the slug say to the snail?

A. Big Issue?

Contribution from a 3 year old .

Joanna (just 3):

  • I've got two bishops on these plates, one for me and one for Kathryn.


  • Oh, what's a bishop?


  • I don't know. I think it's a kind of pasta.

Holy Bit

This issue our 'holy bit' is a prayer written by Noah Broad, it was read at the last Mid-Thames meeting. They meet again on March 28th at Donai Abbey, with West London and Southern Children too. (Get your Mums and Dads to bring you!)

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the nature you gave us. You are in us and everywhere. Please bless all the families in the world. In the name of Jesus.


New thing! .... New thing!... New thing!… New thing!

It is with great international relations joy that I am able to announce that the Interdependent now has an American correspondent. Mary-Catherine Glauber is thirteen and an Interchurch child. She lives in Louisville, Kentucky, and she hopes to set up a bulletin for American interchurch families that will have contributions from the young people of the US. She will give the Interdependent a more international flavour (or flavor). More from her next issue.



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