Issue 22 April 2001

Published by the Association of Interchurch Families

The Interdependent

You wonder how people can question the existence of God on days like this. At this moment I am lying under a blue sky absorbing the sun and listening to birds singing in the trees. This weekend is a bit different for me. It's the first weekend this year that I have stayed at my home in Cumbria!
February and March were packed full with ecumenical events around the country. It was wonderful to see so much of YAG members, but was extra hard saying goodbye after Laura Finch's Affirmation, because we knew it could be months before we are together again.
The events started on the first weekend of the February half term with the Confirmation of my sister and me. It was a beautiful service with input from both my Catholic and Anglican priests. There was a good turn out of AIF members and also friends from both our Catholic and Anglican congregations, but you'll have to click on the link to find out more!
The following weekend YAG members met in the busy metropolis of London Waterloo. It was the first time that the social weekend was not a house event. Despite the hard floor and almost non-existent washing facilities we had a fantastic weekend. This new venue had the excitement of touching on unknown turf and I think the experience was enjoyed by all.
After a year's gap, the Ecumenical Youth Event was back up and running. Mel and Mark took an active role behind the scenes and Jen and I went along to experience this inspiring weekend. After two years representing AIF on the Ecumenical Youth Forum Mel has now passed the opportunity to Mark. I'd like to thank Mel for all the effort she has put into making sure AIF has an active voice on the Forum and pray for Mark as he continues her work.
The season went out with a bang as we had our second great ecumenical leap in the form

of Laura's Affirmation service. We have come so far in our pursuit for a joint Confirmation service. A few years ago both my Confirmation and Laura's Affirmation would have seemed impossible, but we should now be encouraged by these events and continue to pray and work for greater unity.

God bless and Happy Easter


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