Could this be the start of something great…?

For me the day I was confirmed is one of the few days I will remember for the rest of my life (I haven't got a very good memory !). There have been times throughout my life when I have really felt God's presence, but none so much as on the 17th February 2001.
Our RC parish priest and our Vicar (a retired Bishop) had met members of YAG before the service: Last year's YAG weekend was at our house and the Vicar celebrated the Eucharist for us. Also last year at the "Considering Confirmation" weekend our Catholic priest came (he is a Vicar General) and I think during that weekend he really came to realise the feelings and thoughts of young people in interchurch families. Both experiences were a big step towards our confirmation.
Both priests came to our house to discuss what Sarah and I wanted from this confirmation and how we could acknowledge both denominations in the service. Then they got together and planned the service.
The confirmation was held in the Catholic Church during the Saturday evening Mass with both priests taking part. Firstly we had the introductory Rites. Sarah and I read a reading and the Vicar read the gospel and preached the homily. When the Catholic priest said the words of Confirmation, the Vicar had his hand on our shoulders as one of our sponsors, representing the whole of the Anglican Church. As it was a 'special occasion' the Catholic priest was able to allow family and close friends to share in the Eucharist.
Throughout the whole service I was

grinning all over my face, I couldn't help it, it was such a happy occasion.
I thank everyone who supported me, whether in body or in spirit. It was scary to think all the people in church and all the cards were from people that wanted to be with and support me in this big step. I didn't know I had so many friends !!
Thank you all who helped make this special day possible, by prayer or otherwise.

Helena Mayles

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