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Issue 23
January 2002
Published by Association of Interchurch Families

The Interdependent

Happy New Year!!

Click here for a photo of the Swanwick youth.

Editor's bit

Sorry it's been so long since the last issue of the Interdependent. A lot has happened since April, so prepare yourself for the next exciting episode in the life of the AIF Youth crusaders!

The first big event was the International Conference in Edmonton, Canada and from that a lot of new activity has sprouted. At the Edmonton conference the young people formed very strong bonds with each other. It was so hard and emotional when we had to leave. I went travelling around the Rockies with my family after the conference, and despite the forthcoming holiday, I remember the dull atmosphere as we drove the long distance to our first destination.

Fortunately, however, we had all swapped email addresses and so all was not lost.

Jen was a star - as soon as she got home she set up an email list, so that we could all communicate easily with each other. It was working so well that we decided to open it up to every young person in AIF. Although emails to the list have decreased in number lately, it is still a very useful source of communication and support.

A few weeks after Canada, the British all met up again at their national annual conference in Swanwick. We were all still buzzing from the Edmonton conference and it was so good to see each other again. I think by the end of the weekend even those who couldn't get to Canada were beginning to feel like they had been there. Either that or they were just wishing we would all shut up about it!!

YAG (which was recently confirmed as standing for both Young Adults Group AND Youth Action Group!) had a different focus at this year's Swanwick.



We had decided that we wanted to move away from our usual discussions on issues specific to AIF Youth, and actually learn a bit more about our Christian fellowship.
We were taught a bit about some different denominations and had some interesting discussions about issues such as believer's baptism. Jane reveals all in her Swanwick article…

There is now a new way to keep up to date with AIF issues (and it is updated a bit more frequently than releases of the Interdependent!). It is the all-new (well not quite so new now) AIFYouth Official Homepage. Check it out at www.angelfire.com/mac/ifyag

I am going to stop here and let you discover for yourself what other treats are in store.

I hope you all had a peaceful Christmas and wish you all the best for 2002.


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